1) One who is in the prostitution business who is either bad at their job or charges little for their services

2) Used by a few to describe someone they hate (the person they hate usually being a girl) who can be classified as either a bitch, slut or just plain stupid.
Girl 1: Did you hear what Phoebe said to me?
Girl 2: I know what a cheap whore!
by autumnrain May 09, 2006
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I women who would do sexual favors for tangible goods.
Yo, that cheap whore blew me and my homie for something.
by fuck da convosation April 25, 2010
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someone who has no money and tries to have sex with everyone. tries to dress nicely but cant so she steals everyones clothes. not a good person to be around.
lately you've been such a cheap whore!
by hipposassy November 23, 2017
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A woman classified in opinion as unworthy cheap and stupid. Someone who is used unlawfully for prostitution. A poor person.

A good definition to use in conjuction with a sentence for spiteing peoples influence, an example is: "You treat the world and people around you like it's your cheap whore." Or "If you weren't a such dick you would get a sex change and become someones bitch whilst being a cheapwhore" Use this on someone you really hate with a passion, or someone you equally think is abominable or an abomination in their own right.
Oh god ah! beh I hate that guy so much ah eh. He is so much of a skank school boon I think he deserves the Cheap Whore reference.
by shat the pants May 13, 2006
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A stupid ass bitch that sucks and fucks for some tweak or any drug of choice, some money, a casino ticket, cigarettes, or a dinner,,
Dude,, 'you're girl' is a cheap whore,
by Lightbeing November 18, 2020
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One who is engaged in politics, who is ineffective at politics, with little financial support, and will sell out the political positions of their constituents for a very small political and or financial gain.
"Romney may be a cheap political whore, but he's *OUR* cheap political-whore; provided we can get our act together, quit fighting among ourselves and figure out how to appropriately pressure his pimps in the legislature."
by barrister November 26, 2013
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A low rent, cheap dinner whore. Most often associated with female college students. This individual has a savage desire to be pleasured sexually and enjoys drinking very low grade alcoholic beverages in exchange for sexual favors. This term originated in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area because of the large population female college sluts and redneck type whores.
Person 1- Who was that drunken dumb bitch you picked up at the party?

Person 2- Not sure. Didn't get her name, just some Cheap Wine-O-Whore
by Freddyneck March 07, 2011
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