1. In the song Fine China (by Juice WRLD and Future), the lyric is "I'm selfish about my PERCS, oh".
by LeaHoneyy November 25, 2018
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Street name for the prescription painkiller Percocet. Generically known as Oxycodone.
Man, I love the way those percs fuck me up. I just took five more tablets.
by Brandon B. October 2, 2003
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Slang for the perscription drugs Percocet or Percodan, which is an opiate or painkiller, commonly used recreationally for its euphoric effect.
Ironically, Percocet is an opiate, which is a nervous system depressant, and the slang term perc cannot be verbally distinguished from perk, which means to make more alert or active.
I just popped a couple percs my doctor gave me for my back pain.

His dealer said percs were going for $1.50 a pill.
by A Clockwork Orange October 24, 2006
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short for the narcotic perscription drug percoset or any one of its forms such as oxycodone or oxycontin; makes you feel warm, happy, and relaxed. highly addictive, people not only swallow the pill but take it orally crushed (for a faster reaction) or snort it.
I'm percin', dude, I'm feeling no pain.
by Xeokym December 31, 2005
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short for "percolator" (I could be spelling that wrong). A perc is an additional chamber in a bong, and its purpose is to make the hit more smooth. Bongs can have multiple percs.
Jimmy-Jimmy just bought a rare discontinued triple-perc RooR bong over at his local headshop for $400. It fucking rips.
by Spaceman Spliff June 10, 2007
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When a drug dealer sells to his mates, he sells the community goods. When the dealer himself would like to get stoned, he smokes his good weed, know as his personal stash. "the perce" refers to the personal stash, meaning the best that there is to offer.
I have been hanging out with this broad, she is the perce.
by thedirtyarmy July 8, 2010
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