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the best sex you'll ever have. vegetarians let there inner-animal out in the bedroom. all those years of repressed meat eating desires finally pay off.
"we may not eat animals, but we sure fuck like them!"

"kate really is an animal in the bed, i'm so glad we had vegetarian sex. i'm thinking about converting, actually."
by kdrrrgs February 18, 2008

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Asshole cops who pull people over and give tickets for the dumbest things. Often found on UConn campus...
"A ticket? Fucking johnny law!"
by kdrrrgs February 09, 2009

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a phrase for "i hate my life" or simaraly, "fuck my life" popularized by the eighties cult classic movie "Heathers" starting Winona Ryder.
"you want me to go talk to those losers? fuck me gently with a chainsaw."
by kdrrrgs July 21, 2008

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Music that gets your booty moving and encourages outrageous dancing. This is not your average dance song, this is the ultimate dance song. Even nerdy white girls fall victim to the charm and pull of BOOTY MUSIC.
"This music is not conducive to my booty. Where has all the booty music gone?"
by kdrrrgs April 08, 2009

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when two girls go to prom together because they cannot find guys to go with them.
"no one asked me to prom, so i'm just gunna go with my friend emili. she's my prom dyke."
by kdrrrgs May 06, 2008

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A easy girl, often referred to a quick lay or a slut.
"She's free parking, man. I know at least seven guys she's been with in the past year."
by kdrrrgs February 11, 2009

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a list made by mildly promiscuous teenaged girls comprised of their potential conquests. names are crossed off as the sex act is completed. they are posted in the bedroom of whichever friend is in the least danger of the list-owner's boyfriend viewing it.
"he's fucking hot, he is so on my whore list."

"so i totally got to cross corey off my whore list last night..."
by kdrrrgs February 18, 2008

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