Tending to contribute to, encourage, or bring about some result.
Working conditions are not conducive to productivity.
by Giftediq May 29, 2009
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(adj) used to describe something in a positive manner.
Deborah's cooking is amazing, the food she makes is really conducive.

That girl is unconducive, she looks like she got hit by a train.

My remote is broken, can anyone conducify it for me?

Alcohol increases the conducivity at a bar by making unconducive girls look conduce.
by mstrsplntr December 23, 2010
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verb: from conducive.

1. Encouragative of something positive.
2. Pushes towards something - normallyb positive.
M on Facebook today: Happy are those who find fault with themselves instead of finding fault with others.
Me: Not necessarily happy but at least wise and introspective, and to me self-questioning conduces (sic) progress.
by vivauganda January 22, 2011
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Being both a producer and a consumer of digital content.
The mashup is the epitome of conducer output.
by mrkp April 9, 2008
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an intelligent-sounding way to state whether or not a certain outcome is likely or possible.
even though i really like that Frank, his lack of a job is not conducive to my situation.
by that_sassy_girl January 13, 2011
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When something a person, show, an act, anything that is lit or off the chain.
Look at Taylor, Alexis and Madison they are so much more conducive these days thank god they arent conductive anymore.
by Almightynessgemini November 21, 2021
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