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1. the greatest guitarist and coolest guy ever, until he allowed puff daddy to desecrate his greatest song, kashmir, and then hugged him on saturday night live.
2. the ultimate riffmaster of all time
did you hear that jimmy page sold out and let puff daddy pay him to re-do kashmir? That sucks!
by kal May 03, 2004

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1)An official policy (now ended) of racial segregation and white supremacy enforced by the South African government. It was used to limit the governing power and place of residence of non-white people.
2)apartness, or being set apart
I couldn't get in to the club because of the bouncers apartheid
by Kal February 10, 2004

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Queen Victoria's birth day, May 24th, is a statutory holiday in Canada and the first long weekend since Easter. It is the traditional weekend during which one opens 'the camp' (cottage), and signifies the start of summer (and Blackfly season) in Canada. The reference to 'two-four' rather than 'twenty-fourth' is a Canadian inside joke refering to the obligatory case(s) of 24 bottles of beer, or 'two-fours' required to celebrate the opening of the camp and to steel one's courage against the blackflies and the mice that will have settled into the camp since it was closed in the fall.
"Did ya go to the Beer Store and get a couple of two-fours for camp? It's May two-four, eh, and there'll be a lineup!"
by KAL May 25, 2004

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The wrong way to spell the name of Microsoft's home console, the Xbox.
"There's no hyphen in the word Xbox, you douchebags."
by Kal November 30, 2004

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To succeed in seducing someone sexually.
All you have to do is impress one another to score, or you'll have to settle for a cheapshot.
by kal March 06, 2004

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muscle in ur bumhole that acts like a railroad switch tie to direct the output
1.if u tickle my bumhole, i may poop, or fart
2.I was peeing and my sphincter caused me to flatulate
by kal August 09, 2004

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n., jubilation, hooray, sweet momma yes. Derived from a Mrs. Huggbees. Was a running gag throughout an episode of "Freakazoid". It's also damn fun to say.
"Oh, so you think you can escape me?"
by Kal November 26, 2003

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