110 definition by k

Small and often insignificant, inane, banal, unecessary details or comments or just general stuff that get in the way getting to the point and getting things done.
I just wanted to hear how the date went but she went on with this minutia about the arch of his eyebrows. As if I care.
by k March 05, 2004

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When someone's belly "dun-lap" over his belt...used on extremely disgusting overweight people who don't have the sense to wear clothes that fit.
DAMN that is one bad case of Dunlap Disease on that mofo fatass
by K November 16, 2004

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ballocks is spelt bollocks
- Usually used as an alternative to 'Fuck!' or 'Shit!'
by k November 23, 2003

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a girl/boy who plays a saxaphone who is also sexy. Therefore making them saxy.
Wow look at that saxy chick over there.

Man that boy is sooo saxy.

That saxy woman could wet my reed anyday.
by K July 03, 2004

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ballin out of control
That kid wit dem skillz is BOOC
by K May 10, 2003

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sumwhere in greece
a kiss ass album by linkin park
meteora rocks
by k April 03, 2003

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an extremely hot boy
"damn he is so hot !! true like ice true like fire."
by k September 08, 2003

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