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Sex with clothes
Yah our clothes were on but we stil had dry sex
by K October 11, 2003

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nick name for Chicago. Used mostly by south side residents, and famous people from the city, giving props to their hometown.
"What up all my chi-town boyz?"

"I'm from Chi-Town"

"Dawg I went to Chi-Town and rode The El into the north side"
by K July 03, 2004

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1.close friend or homie, orginated within the African-American community. 2.term butchered by Randy a judge from American Idol. Now no longer popular
-Was good dawg?
-Yo dawg that was good! or Yo dawg that was bad
by K January 22, 2005

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The aftermath of eating White Castle.
I got diarrhea from eating White Castle.
by K February 17, 2004

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A way to describe someone ripping you off,tricking you, teasing you
I heard that boy gon' get jumped for punkin that guy out.

HAHAHAHA, I punked both of you.
by K April 04, 2004

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sexy and cool person
that meesh is so sexy and cool
by K February 10, 2005

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one who prefers underground music, kicks it in the back, keeps to themselves, doesn't care about the popular stuff and doesn't care what others think.
their not punk rockers, their the emo kids.
by K August 06, 2003

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