A mammal of great stature and beard. This creature sings like a Jaybird and woos all the lady cuntstables with it's fervor and gusto.
Look at that Constable, must be mating season with that beard and those intoxicating sounds.
by setmea2 April 01, 2010
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Gingerly pulling aside her panties I was stunned to be confronted by a constable,one of Brtains finest, albeit one unskilled in the feminine art of shaving
by Temple23 January 13, 2007
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Someone who was elected to serve arrest warrants and harass the hell out of people along with their family.Known to frequently make someone with something as small as a speeding ticket or library fine seem like a criminal on the run.Typically you can recognize them by their need to feel bigger then you and also for their rather portly build.
The constables are just a bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do then pound on someones doors and windows for something as small as a ticket.
by J.k.l January 25, 2010
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noun. (a.k.a) cunt stubble. a constable is a one-day old shaved pussy.
bro1: sup with the raw scratch on your face bro?
bro2: just gave head to chanel for lunch, you should have see her constable...ouch!
bro1: damn bro...
by Pace the race November 20, 2011
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iz a jipo wit BIG teeth !!!!!!!!!!!!!
get um sorted they creep me out !!!!
by K November 20, 2003
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