110 definition by k

aka "Hot Girl #37"
*looks at name tag* "Hey guys look at me, I'm Hot Girl #37!!"
by K May 08, 2003

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When something messed up, wrong, stupid (can refer to someone or something)
That shit is jankie
Stop bein jankie steve
by K March 25, 2004

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A really, super hot Canadian rapper.
"Look, there goes a MadChild!"
by k November 28, 2003

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a spicey hip term meaning..thats so cool, so rockin awesome! pimping! its snazzy.

another cool way to say it....snazzay. as in...snaz-A. very pimp dude.
that is such a snazzy car my brother.

snazzy is a cool word.
by K February 27, 2004

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Talkin'stuff; Talkin' trash
He ain't talkin' nothin' but booty chatta.
by K November 30, 2003

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What comes out of a cock during orgasm.
"Would you like some dick sauce on that taco?"
by K September 08, 2003

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a homosexual person, derogatory term
dude u are so an ass cowboy
by k May 08, 2002

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