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an expression used to show ones feelings of happiness or pleasure.

not to be confused with the word "snoogans" that jay uses in kevin smith movies, which is a term used for meaning just kidding.
by excentricpsychopuppy August 18, 2006
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Punching a guy in the balls. Weirdly named, rarely seen, since most people prefer to kick, it's more painful and less creepy. ^^
"Hey Carl, want a shnoogan?"
by [dollface] May 19, 2006
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used to express that you are not serious about your previous statement, and to tell someone to chill out about it.
"Becka's such a whore,dude.Why do you go out with her?"
"SHNOOGANS dude, shnoogans!"
by Spazzle Dazzle March 19, 2005
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