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A phrase popular amongst fans (or 'stans') of mainstream musical acts. Used to assert the superiority of their favourite singer over another fan's, whether for a substantial or a trivial reason.
"omg Queen Mariah slayed that whistle note. Your fave could never!"

"Yaaas Mama Beyonce just gave birth to twins, your fave could never!"
by just like honey June 19, 2017

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A subtle way of expressing how poorly you think of someone. A form of shade.

Coined by Mariah Carey, in 2003, when she was asked about whats he thought of Jennifer Lopez.
Samantha: "Weren't you best friends with Alana?"
Emily: "I don't know her"

Mary: "Are you and James still dating?"
Emily: "I don't know her"
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by just like honey September 01, 2017

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A portmanteau of "flop" and "fabulous", used to ironically describe a failure in a positive light.
"Amanda's vegetarian party was truly flopulous"

"I had a flopulous attempt at trying to bike up that mountain"
by just like honey August 09, 2013

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A bridesmaid who, upon learning that she's in the running for the position of Maid of Honour, begins to schmooze to tip the odds in her favour. This could include flattery, doing favours, buying gifts and other general ass-kissing.
Alvin: "What's with Mary? She never has time for me anymore"
Toni: "That's because she's too busy being Kate's bribesmaid"
Alvin: "Oh man, not again"
by just like honey October 07, 2015

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An exclamation used to emphasize strong agreement with something that has just been said.
Michelle: "I've had enough of this job, I'm quitting after this order"
Kasheena: "Bitch preach!"

Lydia: "These four-dollar short shorts from Kmart are the shizz!"
Kasheena: "Bitch preach!"
by just like honey December 21, 2015

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The present time in your life.

The part of your life that you are living right now.
"This book is a really important part of my currenthood"

"Thanks to your behaviour, my currenthood has been ruined!"
by just like honey June 12, 2018

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A sarcastic phrase used after someone gives you their unwanted opinion or advice.
Debbie: "I think you should try being a bit more social with your workmates"
Emily: "Your contribution has been noted"

Karla: "I like your dress, but that's not really your colour"
Emily: "Your contribution has been noted"
by just like honey July 01, 2017

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