The act of not paying for an item or service.
or not paying for an item
That item is unpaid for
by Jordan Browner December 11, 2007
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A more polite way of saying "slut"; remember that a whore gets paid while a slut does the same work for free.
From SNL parody of Girls:

Jessa: I had sex with a cab driver, alright? It's called being free.
Blerta: You are prostitute?
Jessa: No, it's not prostitution if you don't get paid.
Blerta: You are UNPAID prostitute?!? You are lower than dog!
by Lorelili December 19, 2013
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An act of desperation primarily employed by career-oriented underclassmen who lack the necessary skills to claim that they have employable skills.

Synonyms: Indentured servitude
Chad took an unpaid internship at his daddy's firm to put an extra line on his resume.
by bloopy123 June 25, 2018
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A phenomenal punk band from Sydney - Australia, that everyone needs to know about.
Unpaid Debt and their amazing songs make me wet; frequently, and ferociously.
by u.d. lover August 22, 2006
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Generally,stoner slang for waking up in the morning with an erection, for no apparent reason.
Dude1: So this morning I tottaly had an unpaid superhero.
Dude2: Did you jack off?
Dude1: Nah, I had to get ready for work...
by Ekhoengmoon April 18, 2008
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Unpaid whore: A master slut. A woman who has sex with men and or women just for the pleasure and love of sex. A whore has far fewer boundaries than a slut.
"Sandra is an unpaid whore, she has sex for fun not for money"!
by pdxstaci July 15, 2018
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