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a gathering of old and/or retired persons
The VFW is such an antique show, but man those guys can party.

I got an invitation to the ultimate antique show...the AARP!
by jrcdmc June 20, 2011
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American aphorism attributed to Ben Franklin (aka "Poor Richard") and originally thought as an admonition to adopt a Protestant work ethic. Later scholarship has revealed that its true meaning was intended as folk medical advice for those wanting early morning erections.
After watching "John Adams" on HBO, I found out what Ben Franklin REALLLYYY meant by "early to bed, early to rise." VERY wise advice, if ya know what I mean.
by jrcdmc June 19, 2011
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Follower of the leader known as Rham Emanuel, mayor of the City of Chicago. Much like Star Trek Romulans, a Rhamulan can sometimes be aggressive.
I used to work for da Mayor, but I'm now a devoted Rhamulan.
by jrcdmc June 20, 2011
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Pessimistic, evil, and/or negative rhetoric that is devoid of any of the classical logos, pathos, or even ethos factors of good oratorical delivery. Devoid of any redeeming qualities, horroratory sells fear like a bad 1950s era Hollywood B- drive-in horror flick.
Did you see the 2016 Republican National Convention? Every speech was a horroratory, but Donald Trump gave a Trump University Speech 101 quality horroratorical address.
by jrcdmc July 26, 2016
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The desired food of a North Korean zombie.
All the North Korean zombie kept saying was "grains, Grains, GRAINS!"
by jrcdmc June 19, 2011
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A credit card used to run up debt which is then assumed by another. Typically obtained either by college students or Southern European nations.
College Student #1 "I'm tapped out & have no money to shop and party."

College Student #2 "Well, you need a Greek credit card."

months later...

Parent "I just got your credit card bill in the mail. You need to go get a job because I'm not paying this!"

College Student #1 "Geez, don't be so German!"
by jrcdmc June 20, 2011
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Any text originating from or ending in the city of Los Angeles.
Latext me your arrival time to LAX.
by jrcdmc June 19, 2011
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