A person who is poor, procrastinates a lot, and somehow manages to succeed in completing a never-ending pile of homework. Often found with bags under their eyes, hyped up on caffeine, and eating top ramen while working on assignments for the next class.
Damn Jordan, you are such a college student! Wasn't that essay assigned 3 weeks ago and you are just now doing it!? You need to lay off the energy drinks and get some rest. Maybe you should think about doing your work AHEAD of time.
by TheCollegeGuy916 September 20, 2011
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A machine that turns coffee into essays, charts, and various equations depending on its major.
I need a college student to crank out a theorem by monday morning.
by chemmjr April 13, 2010
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Those that not only sell their bodies at night but also their brains by day
College student: "Plebecite, I go to Harvard"

Random Pedestrian: "Must be a tough life huh?"
by ivytrash September 3, 2008
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Any person who has been in college for more than 5 + years of college experience; The student with the most debt; Students who have attended a 2 year college but took 4-5 years to finish it or transferred or never graduate;Usually also known as under achievers;Students who has more friends than Tom in myspace; Excessive partier even in his/her late 30's; Student who has a 5 year old kid when they finally graduate; Just finishing his/her 4 year degree nearing upon his/her high school reunion.
Robert: What is going on Fred? What have you been up to since after we graduated in '96?

Fred: I've been in college. I finally finished my 4 year degree this year.

Robert: Really?

Fred: Yeah I've been a professional college student
by Chappelle is my nigga July 18, 2006
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A very cheerful student who makes a room all brightened up
Vannessa was a chirpy college student when she made everyone laugh
by tlaiynldoaruer May 13, 2017
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A college student who lacks disposable income because he does not have a job, yet his parents pay for his tuition, his food, his rent, and really everything under the sun. The Starving College Student typically spends the stipend his parents give him on alcohol and/or drugs. The stereotype is that this student must resort to eating Top Ramen to survive, which may be true, but only because they spent their allowance on alcohol and drugs. These students also perform poorly in their college classes because, after all, they view higher education as a birthright and not an opportunity. These depraved individuals somehow do just enough to earn a Business Degree, having only learned "strong résumé words" at the expense of an actual education. Also referred to as the "Poor College Kid"
Grandma Beatrice: Aww Zacky honey, why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow night. I know you're a starving college student who would kill for a home cooked meal.

Zack: Thanks Grandma. I have been living exclusively off of Top Ramen. I'd love to come over for some prime rib. I will head over as soon as I edit my resume and lie about having leadership experience.
by JoeyRogue January 2, 2014
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It's when two people are going at it doggie style, & the guy throws up all over the girl because he drank way too many Jäger bombs & played too much beer pong.
"The other night at Billys man, I got so chocolate wasted... I took this chick upstairs, & we were goin at it, I had her on her face. & right when she screamed my name, I puked right on the back of her head."
"Damn, you pulled a New Mexican college student."
"Fuckin' Jäger."
by Penny Faye October 22, 2011
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