An almost perfect person. Superhuman intelligence, reflexes. Uncanny speed and foot and hand movement.
He was a total witt when it came to football and school.
by chewy1821 February 24, 2016
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Witt is so fun and kind. He is always there for you and you can trust him with anything. He has deep brown eyes and an amazing smile. He teases people like no other but only does it if he is a close friend with you. If you get a Witt don’t let him go he may have his moments but he is also always there. He always lends a listening ear and can tell when something is wrong.
Shanikwa: dang Witt is always there for you

Geniah: ya I’m so glad I got him
by Big daddy #2 December 17, 2018
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A person of Prussia, German descent.
My great grandma and grandpa Witte was born in The Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire.
by Witte March 21, 2008
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something that is different than the way things should be.
Wow, that asian jew is a real witte

by Jason Scottewell March 15, 2008
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A super-fun IRC game which can be played on the UnitedUsers nwtwork.
Zac and I have been playing Witts all day.
by Chewbacca9999 November 14, 2005
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The human Chameleon. Is able to change the color of its skin by will alone. Also known as Black witte.
Witte appears to be a normal boy but when he walks outside he becomes BLACK WITTE!
by Fred Mckinley October 31, 2004
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A very unknown rapper, underrated, actually raps true stuff.
Recently got on the Radio, he'll be big one day.
Originally known as, "Witty"

Born on Connecticut,

real name, Mark Richard Jr.
Born February 28, 25 years old, Pisces.
Wish people knew him more.
"Witt Lowry is an amazing rapper, should be more known more than he is right now"

"I know."
by AquaSkyes March 28, 2016
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