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To look at a tv, movie screen, or computer monitor just to be forced to look at a penis or penises.
That bastered told me that he downloaded some hot chics on the computer, but when I looked I realized I was cock bombed.
by jon.o December 26, 2009
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when a person fills a bendy straw with drugs, inserts the smaller end to another persons nostril and blows quickly to blast them directly to the brain.
I want this shit to hit me quick. Will you give me a telesnort?
by jon.o July 25, 2009
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The grandma version of a couger
Let s go to the nursing home to pick up some grougers.
by jon.o August 29, 2009
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an electronic music snob that goes to all raves even though it' s not his particular genre that brings an ipod and headphones to jam out in front of the dj
It's only acceptable to be a uniraver if your at a house or trance party and listening to drum and bass.
by jon.o July 25, 2009
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a mesurment of how big of a douche bag one can be.1st level douche bag. 2nd level doucher. 3rd level which is the highest doucheshniffer.
That basterd has reached maximum douchescacity. He's a freakin doucheshniffer.
by jon.o June 27, 2009
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IP abbr.

A drug or other substance administered into or within the penis.
That dude is hardcore. He uses all his drugs intrapenisly.
by jon.o July 25, 2009
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To get completely laid out from ketamine
Damn. I knew he shouldn't have done the whole bottle. Well, let's run his pockets and steal his wallet.

Fuck that idea. Looks like he shit himself too. He's ketatonic
by jon.o July 26, 2009
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