Word that is interchangable with bro, dude, man, friend, buddy, pal, mon, bredrin, n*igga etc used in the trap.
ay bom pass dat dro!

hey bom wa gwan?

Mans1: ay bom, would u duns dat yt?
Mans2: yaaaaa bom!

by trpstr6plz August 24, 2007
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Bom is a sliver eyed hell-spawn that stalks suburban house parties in the dead of night looking to score with unsuspecting sleeping girls. His passed out victims are usually located on a couch near a window or unlocked door. Once inside he quickly drops his pants and proceeds to rub his junk on the sleeping girl's face, thus much like an animal, marking his territory and telling other rapists in the area to keep away from his unconscious poon. While raping he is known to frequently call out juvenile, nonsensical phrases such as Dank, MAW REAL, or Legit! Bom has a unique adaptation in the form of an unusually small penis that allows him to rape girls without them feeling anything and waking up. However the aforementioned phrases he screams out often alerts others in the room to his presence and causes him to have to flee the scene. While making his escape he will continuously lie about the rape several people just witnessed him commit and also make gross exaggerations about the quality of his personal hygiene. Once he is clear of the house he will retreat back to his Pizza Box Lair, a dilapidated structure assembled primarily of random debris and used pizza boxes, as well as any other garbage in the immediate area. If you see a Bom , take great care not to appear sleepy and hastily remove yourself from the area, lest you invite rape upon yourself and everyone you associate with.
Smatwood: "Last night i saw this sleeping chick and i totally pulled a bom on her.

Josh: "Dude were not friends anymore
by sleeping girl June 4, 2008
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Bom as in you gonna bom someone, like hit em!!
"I jes gonna walk u and bom his ass"!!said Hanky
by Hanky March 4, 2004
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In Brazil, Bom Bom is refered to the rear end of a girl.
She has a nice Bom Bom.
by elmangrullo June 4, 2009
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Said to someone who u believe is telling a lie.
Bob ''I won the champions league with TNS on footy man''
Nick ''ooh bom bom''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
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The iconic line Felix sings multiple times in Topline. Even before that masterpiece was released, millions has the line stuck in their heads.
우린 선을 그어 topline
그 누가 감히 넘봐 top class
더 높이 쌓여가는 karma (Karma)
Bom digi digi bom bom bom bom
by xoalsox June 6, 2023
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Used to describe something or someone who is rubbish/useless at what they do
Bob ''Did u see that joker that was playin for Liverpool last nite''
Hold '' I no, Voronin is bom bom''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
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