10 definitions by joe clabough

holy fuck man, I almost shit my pants and
I just barely made it to the cosbey pool to drop off the kids

WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!!! SOME ONE DIDNT FLUSH THE SHITTER AND THIER KIDS ARE STILL FLOATING IN THERE (one of them still looks alive) (pokes at it with stick)
by joe clabough February 23, 2005
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licking the ass of a very hairy person, or licking the ass of a black person because of the wiry hairs.
I was tossin that nigga's cactus and I sliced my damn tongue into ribbons.
I aint gunna toss the cactus on that bitch ass nigga again

by joe clabough September 9, 2008
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to become extremely large from lifting weights
"holy fuck dude" you have fuckin hulked out since the last time i saw you, are you taking muther fuckin steroids or something bitch?
by joe clabough March 24, 2005
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a load of cum produced at orgasm that is shot up in the air and caught in ones mouth
this fine ass bitch was jackin me off and I busted my nuts so hard that I shot up a popcorn load and the bitch caught it in her mouth
by joe clabough March 23, 2005
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to shoot ones tounge in anothers ass hole

to slip the tip of your tounge in to an asshole
I love to ass dart my old lady,

dude, this chick loves to get ass darted while you flick her clit

man, Id love to dart her fucking shit hole
by joe clabough February 20, 2005
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johns dog sits and licks his balls and ass all day, and john also eats balls and asshole by proxy when the dog licks johns lips

But dosent a dog have the cleanest mouth in town? "maybe, but all i know is that they have the cleanest balls and asshole in town
by joe clabough June 25, 2005
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for a man to slap his cock around

for a man to jerk his pork

for a man to skin his mule
Damn I'm bored, I guess I will just stay home and box my dummy

wheres dave? oh that fucker is off somewhere boxing the dummy
by joe clabough September 4, 2008
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