a fuka ya mutha fuka
u mutha fuka
by Anonymous November 11, 2003
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a fuka
by Anonymous September 5, 2003
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To arrange a large, intricate social gathering and then, usually during the said gathering, pull a weak excuse as to why you cannot attend, generally leaving your guests scratching theirs heads (among other anatomical parts).
I bet he will pull a fuka and not show up for dinner.

He fuka'd the meet.
by crashfx September 14, 2007
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To organize a meet and not show up, or say you are coming and wang out on friends at the last minute, ditch your friends.
I was going to come to the meet but I pull a fuka and went shoping with my wife instead.
by Dasnowman September 13, 2007
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a used to swear replacing the actual word when one does not want to express the actual word. You can use to this as a short term refrence.
Tom: ouchhh, what did you do that for you ma fuka?
Jon: Sorry man i didn't mean to do that.
by Mister CC'S March 28, 2007
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a term used by real og gangsta bestfriends meanie his/hers feelings were hurt and or wanting another person to feel bad.
alisa you muda fuka! or jimbo's a muda fuka =
by jeezie August 31, 2007
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Polynesian Greeting!

derogatory term: stupid, motherfucker.
Hey yew fuka......

......where's the rent......YEW FUKA!!!!!!!
by This_must_be_Hell March 14, 2021
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