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Sex game, based on accuracy. The man covers his eyes using his hand or blindfold and attempt to jack off into the mouth of the woman.
3pts are gain for a throat shot, 2pts for a lip shot and 1pt for a face shot.

Warning: Can cause blindness!
Katie, grab the blindfold, i wanna have a blind mans wank
by jiggaman April 14, 2005
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When a persons shits themselves due to no availible toilet resources. The sheer mass of shit combined with heat means the shit turns into a cement which not only cements your pants to your arse but the sheer weight means it feels like they are carrying cement.
Helen: Hurry up Bill why are you walking so slow?
Bill: Sorry, i'm carrying a little more weight down below and have a severe case of cement pants.
by jiggaman April 14, 2005
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loves haywood school
likes BWFC but hates MUFC even more
loves to piss people off, and very good at it too.
"yessssssssssss i lyak it"
"are ya insane in the membrane"
"wats up wi ya"
Irfan:why do u always piss me off for dyu
buzz off it u dik
by jiggaman March 30, 2005
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A disgusting shriveled shit look a like, which burries itself in the sand in the olden times and would grant wishes.
Gareth: That old man has very wrinkly skin and i bet he smells of shit.
Tim: I would say he is the actual Samiad.
by jiggaman April 14, 2005
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The red arse, slow, saddle sore walk you do after a raping
He took such a fat beating on Halo2, he's gunna be walking like john wayne
by jiggaman April 14, 2005
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Carnival Folk, one with small hands and freakish appearance to be laughed at by normal people
Look at you, you carny bastard
by jiggaman April 12, 2005
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A person (usually Indian origin) covers their hands in the curry they ate the night before and proceed to masturbate with it whilst also feeding it to his Jap eye.
Sanjay: Mum your bloody vindaloo is too spicy! How am i supposed to feed it to my one eyed monster!

Mum: I'll make a Korma next time.
by jiggaman April 15, 2005
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