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The act of relocating a business process or department to a less expensive part of the country. Similar to off-shoring, except that the job doesn't leave the country.
A typical example of onshoring is: tech support jobs being consolidated in Tennessee, where they can pay people half as much as before.
by jevanyn August 20, 2010
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When tariffs are used to make overseas goods uncompetitive, goods that used to be, but are no longer, made in the USA, the process of encouraging US and foreign companies to come back is known as onshoring.
Forcing companies to come back to the USA or face hefty import duties is known as onshoring. The practice has been criticized by globalists, multinational corporations, Democrats, RINO Republicans, the legacy mainstream media talking heads, and a lot of economists, and, of course, foreign governments who use both direct and indirect tariffs to attract US companies to abandon their homeland and set up shop overseas in the first place.

There is an entire region of the mainland northeast United States known as The Rustbelt, that shows what offshoring did to this country. Onshoring is the cure.

The hypocrisy of the rogue's gallery of opponents to tariffs is palpable and their major problem is, onshoring works. The jobs are coming home.
by Zoschenko September 10, 2018
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