131 definitions by jesse

the god russian pop star
"look, it's Muslav! I'm going to get his autograph on my hairy chest."
by jesse May 03, 2004
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a site used for looking up words that your afraid to ask your parents
i just looked up ghetto on www.urbandictionary.com
by Jesse December 31, 2003
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those people who talk funny in texas chainsaw massacre or someone who lives in a oldschool silver, shiny pill shaped trailer, talks funny, has a mullet, wears trucker hats, has ripped up jeans and a belt with a semi truck or a gun on their belt buckle
hey look its billy bob johnson what a fuckin hick lets go piss on his trailer and put sand in his dirtbike
by jesse November 02, 2003
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An RPG guru, mainly obsessed with oddball RPG's mainly other people don't appreciate.
Wow, I want to be a great gamer like NeoNess!
by Jesse April 22, 2003
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best video ever man funny thing guy cant tech deck what a funny video
by jesse April 05, 2003
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like the word meh. Said by those who are lazy and don't have a real response.
Amy: are you going to the dance
Jeff: Nieh
by Jesse November 02, 2004
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It means that you want to have sex with a certain person.
Hey baby can I get a piece of that fine ass!
by Jesse April 25, 2004
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