A person who is considered abnormal or strange in their personality or appearance; a non-square. in society, also referred to as weirdo, freak, and other such derogatory terms. In reality, not necessarily a bad thing.
People always make fun of Claudia because she's a bit of an oddball, but I like her...she's different.
by Phoebus Amoebus January 3, 2009
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An eccentric individual ;irregular; instigator; jinx; not part of the group; out of the ordinary; non-standard; outcast; singled out; one of a kind; out of the blue; out of nowhere; outsider; radical
He had to be the oddball! We just planned to do this and there he goes...like where did he come from?
by Cid-X October 6, 2004
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eccentric, random, goes beyond the call of duty, wise & weird but gets the job done. 3 steps ahead of the pack, and a canny leader.
Wow, listen to Oddball and his crazy comments, but he's right and we should follow his lead because he sets a great example.
by posey June 13, 2007
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See weirdo.
1.A person who is strange and eccentric; a freak. Thinks and acts in a manner different from others.
2. A person who thinks they're wierd because they like to yell and scream random things to people.
1. He is an oddball because he cleans his room and says "tubular." How strange.
2. HEY YOU! I like to eat purple cow pies! Yay!
by Valley80sgurl May 4, 2005
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a guy with one nut (see uni-nut).
Joey has been an oddball ever since he lost his other nut in a child molesting accident.
by Nick D April 3, 2003
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dude, that fight between those two nerds was so oddball
by Smurfalicious July 22, 2005
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