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a car that has been modified by lowering it and puttinh hydrolics on it. they usually have custom paint jobs and interiors.
yo mang,Ill run you over in my lowrider sa
by jesse February 13, 2004
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An RPG guru, mainly obsessed with oddball RPG's mainly other people don't appreciate.
Wow, I want to be a great gamer like NeoNess!
by jesse April 22, 2003
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like the word meh. Said by those who are lazy and don't have a real response.
Amy: are you going to the dance
Jeff: Nieh
by jesse November 3, 2004
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The name of a very great rapper. A rapper who has a lot of flow. And can be found on Soundclick. Everyone loves him!
OMG Loced Out is the greatest! I wish i had hes Genes!
by jesse March 9, 2005
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A complete joke of a human. One who has a I.Q. just north of 25.More than likely this person was inbred.This person often shits themselves in public, but not out of lack of self control, but because they are sick and enjoy the feeling and the stench. Always have bad hygeine.
Jesus look at that retarded homeless man in the gutter he's such a moist Gary.
by jesse December 1, 2003
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A frightening mother. Comes from the video game Bart's Nightmare, which had an enemy that was Marge as a Moth, called Mothra.
Momthra's coming. I can hear her feet stomping! Hide the AIM chats!
by jesse August 11, 2003
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To Mske is to bring ones self to a public forum and plea to the gods to guide one's self and one's foe through battle with the hopes of gaining strength in terms of SP so one might be able to defeat greater foes through mskeing as well.
My Friends and I mske frequently on KaoticKontrol.cjb.net
by jesse March 12, 2004
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