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mexicoon means somebody that's half black half mexican.

coon=black person

lots of mexicoons live in texas
by jesse June 2, 2004
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A slang term defining one of Irish decent. They are often found getting their asses kicked by twin Dutchmen. Also known as "potato-pickin', railroad workin', curly-haired Irish bastards."
Ben is a dirty potato-pickin' mick.
by jesse January 6, 2005
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man that shut up you milkweed
by jesse January 18, 2004
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I was maxin when my hoe started bumpin
by jesse August 14, 2003
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The name of a very great rapper. A rapper who has a lot of flow. And can be found on Soundclick. Everyone loves him!
OMG Loced Out is the greatest! I wish i had hes Genes!
by jesse March 9, 2005
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An RPG guru, mainly obsessed with oddball RPG's mainly other people don't appreciate.
Wow, I want to be a great gamer like NeoNess!
by jesse April 22, 2003
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like the word meh. Said by those who are lazy and don't have a real response.
Amy: are you going to the dance
Jeff: Nieh
by jesse November 3, 2004
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