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a flacid penis on a male that is not arroused by men or women. or zebras.
alex longfield has a wangdangler, and will never get any in his life. not even a zebra will get him arroused. Wait a second, no he just has a flappy vagina.
by jdawg March 29, 2003
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lacking in original thought; uncreative. Sometimes a result of pent up sexual frustration after months of inactivity.
Bjoy is unimaginative.
by jdawg February 27, 2004
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When a dude is receiving a blowjob he blows his load in somebody's mouth and then punches the other person (he or she) in the stomach so they blow the froth everywhere.
Kyle Gibson is giving his brother GAY head and then his brother blows his load and punches Kyle Gibson in the stomach.
by jdawg February 22, 2004
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A sexy Jewish kid nmed Josh Simons.
Same definition of a hollaback girl, but in guy form
Josh is a hollaback boy
by jdawg April 8, 2005
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He ain't no ganksta, no wanskta, hes a wawanksta, thaz fo' sho.
by jdawg May 24, 2003
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Abstract thinking in its purest forms using numerical objects. Mathematicians and physicists (ie, applied mathematicians) have been proven to be the smartest people in the world; the people who "don't get it" become retarded history majors.
I tried to use the Dirac Delta Function to patch the singularity in the path integral, but LOL it diverges and I failed completely so I had to find a new topoligical metric. Maybe I should have used a contour integral.
by jdawg January 15, 2004
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Provisional Irish Republican Army

After the 1996 cease fire, this group broke off from the IRA to continute its attacks for a free Ireland.
"The PIRA launched attacks on British troops outside of Belfast today."
by jdawg December 26, 2003
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