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The best band of all time, great lyrics
modest Mouse is the shit....WURD
by Jdawg March 28, 2003

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The holy book of all that is erotic. The contents of such a book will help any ordinary man or woman become a sex saint. It contains descriptive instructions and pictures of several different positions of intercourse, including positions involving standind, sitting, laying, handstands, bridges, kneeling, and many other forms a body can take. The goal of this holiest of books is for more variety and gratification in your sexual practices

WARNING: Some positions may cause soreness or injuries in places you never even knew you had. If problems persists please consult your physician or yoga instructor.
Honey lets try position #235 in the "Kamasutra" again, but this time remember to balance at equilibrium between my legs while i do a headstand.
by JDawg April 03, 2003

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refering to gitting hyped
if want to fight then do something
by jdawg November 15, 2003

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Midwestern slang for a re-lit cigarette.
Got a smoke?
I've got a re-fry.
by JDawg December 25, 2004

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lacking in original thought; uncreative. Sometimes a result of pent up sexual frustration after months of inactivity.
Bjoy is unimaginative.
by jdawg February 26, 2004

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Provisional Irish Republican Army

After the 1996 cease fire, this group broke off from the IRA to continute its attacks for a free Ireland.
"The PIRA launched attacks on British troops outside of Belfast today."
by JDawg December 26, 2003

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Able to have a bong or other marijuana smoking device attached to it and used to inhale the smoke.
My gas mask is attachabongable.
Your asshole isn't attachabongable.
by jdawg January 11, 2005

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