125 definitions by jB

My buddy's wife asked me if I would Siskel & Ebert her asshole.........fo' shizzel!
by jB October 2, 2003
He has a beard
Yo Bearded one, your name be Pagz.
by jB January 8, 2004
An event or news that is very important or big. King-size.
"You're having a baby? Thats so king!"
by jB January 23, 2005
Device for the collection of cranberry sauce from a hellbitch's crevice during ragweek.
A tampon.
"she left her bloodmouse floating in the toilet. fucking bestwoodite!"
by jB July 19, 2003
A procedure where a breast implant is used under the scalp to stretch the skin. Usually performed on young girls that grow up to entice older men to fall in love with them.
When Olivia was 3, she used her Boobhead to seduce a boy 14 years older than her. 20 years later it still had that boy in its grips.
by jB August 16, 2004
My H2 rolled on twankie dueces, now I'm rollin on VanCats
by jB February 5, 2004
male or female, that eats pussy rather well.
i am a dam good cuntguzzlar
by jB June 24, 2004