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stank pussy is the opposite of clean and yummy pussy, if it stinks it STANK and you should get away!!
*sniff stank pussy* OMFG THATS GROSS!!!
by zer0 tolerenc3 October 23, 2007
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When you about to smash but yo girl drops her drawers and you pass the f*ck out from the stench
Brush I was smashing yo mom but her stank pussy f*cked me up
by Cuzin jamical January 09, 2016
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you remember that one chick you banged in college and you could smell tuna awhile after.
I don't know how my boy can fuck Cara M. and her stank pussy.
by the coon03 November 11, 2009
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nasty shit pussy smells like a sewer 2. a pussy thats been fucked by a dirty dick

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*Jerome approaches Ronalds mom for foreplay* "daaaaaaamn gurl yo pussy staaank.. go wash yoself dawg"

I can smell her stank pussy from here.
by regiroyce December 03, 2017
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