A small amount of fat that usually won't go away no matter how much your work out.
I just have this fleb on my stomach. I won't get any dick with this shit.
by esiletheperson July 04, 2016
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FLeB - verb, noun, adjective, inanimate object, uly next door neighbour... ect...

Fleb or Flebbin is my new word to describe..
any-flebbin-ting i want to..

so there..

BAsically i devised it wit my daughter one day whilst we wer both playin Gears of War in front of the XboX and she got taken down and i was running across the map to aid her but got sniped at the last second and in my furiousity i wanted to shout "OOOHH F*K!!!..." but instead quickly flipped the letters around and shouted "OOOH FLeB it!!.."

Since then i've been using it as my safe swear word which can be utilised in conjunction wit a lot of other action words or as a collective description of somethin or somone..

can also be used instead of other words.. like fuk, shit, bastard and so on...
* i'm flebin wrecked - i'm totally exhausted
* go on you ya big fleb ya - a typical put down multiplied by like a zillion
* ah fleb - like ah shit, only cooler
* ya big fleb'R - worse than any fleb put down ever.. even
* wot the "fleb" is that... - Question
*she's so ugly i wouldn't "flebbin" ride her into battle.. - Statement
* hey you.. fleb head.. - Callin someone
* hand me over the.. ummm.. wotcha-ma-call-it.. fleb thingy - requiring an object but can't remember its name
* well i flebbin never.. - flebber-gasted
by Greg "DamoBrad" Doyle November 14, 2007
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Noun; a reclusive person, someone who does not go out very often, a person who could stay at home all day long and not talk to a single person and be happy.
Adj; Purposely not answering phone calls and avoiding people.
"That guy will never come out to drink with us, he is a fleb."
"I plan on flebbing around the house this weekend so don't bother calling me"
by whenIx9 March 08, 2017
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Is a Negative-Alignment-Neo-Variation slang word.

Derives form the word and histrionically terminology of "Pleb" as in meaning.

"a person of lower class or taste."

the irony comes form "Pleb" being overused and thus having to be changed to "fleb" to keep it's indie(thus implying Superiority form being unknown)usage.
Pleb:I like nickelback, skrillex and justin bieber!!
Patrician: Sir, your a fleb.
by Not a hipster. January 05, 2012
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