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is the major language of the state of Kerala, in southern India. It is one of the 17 official languages of India, spoken by over 30 million people. A person who speaks Malayalam is called a "Malayalee" and rarely, a "Keralite".
Is there anyone out there who can speak malayalam with me...?
by j August 28, 2004

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One's head, dome, cranium!
Step up and get your wig pushed back!
by J April 02, 2003

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For Future Reference
FFR, you should bookmark this website.
by J January 22, 2004

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Like Cadillac, the next big leader in the automotive luxury field. Propelled by such winners as the FX35, FX45, G35 sedan, and G35 coupe, Infiniti sales have been soaring. Upcoming models such as the M45 feature best-in-class features with 340HP V8s.
My G35 has 277HP while your Beemer is more expensive and slower.
by J September 28, 2004

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a woman..(or man) that likes large penis.
by j August 28, 2002

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To place a marijuana ciggarette or marijuana cigar in your mouth backwards(while lit, with the burning end in your mouth) and blowing smoke through the mouthpiece into someone's face or mouth while they inhale.
If you want me to give you a shotgun, first you gotta dump the ashes off the blunt.
by J January 23, 2004

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'force' form of encouragement/support
forza juve!
by j August 21, 2003

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