Where the pubic hair around the genitals has been fully removed by shaving or waxing. Used as an extension on carpet matches the drapes when there is no carpet by which to assess if the drapes match.
Daniel: Was that chick you bonked a real blond?
Adam: Dunno, I went down on her but she had floor boards, so I can't tell if the carpet matched the drapes.
by Charlie Foxtrott September 9, 2009
A sexual position where you take the woman and place her on the floor treating her body as some sort of vehicle. You then proceed to "board" that vehicle. It's basically missionary with a little role play.
I totally floor boarded you sister last night!

After floor boarding my girlfriend the other night I now strangely find myself attracted to airplanes...
by JILLIAN JIGGS August 29, 2009
Using a lunchroom tray to slide down an isle at Famous Players 8. You place the tray in front of you and while running down the isle, jump on and ride that tray to the max while praying you don`t fall like Marc.
"I nearly died laughing as Marc was flying through the air when he flew off his floor board!"
to eat a shaved or clean pussy for example I was cleaning the floor boards last night
by Dawson420swagswagblazinheheh January 10, 2015
1. The sickest clothing line in MA

Everyone: "From Under The Floor Boards is amazing!"

by Jon Fucking Backer August 6, 2007
This is a insult it means you are flat, dry, basic or bland
Person 1: your a fucking floor board
Person 2: ;-;
by Didudhdidjfbdnsk June 16, 2021