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for a man, your penis gets hard and stiff
for a woman, your pussy gets wet, or cums and you have this need
this is a true story...
one night i was home alone, my siblings were out, sleeping over elsewhere with friends, and i was online, i was bored so i looked up horny on urbandictionary. i read the examples and became horny my self i was so wet i couldnt take it, i needed someone to fuck me. i called my boyfriend, john. when he answered this is what i told him
"hey baby" he said
"john, i need you, im home alone, and i am so wet, i need you" i told him
"i'll be right over" he told me
i couldnt wait for him so i took off my pants and started to mastrubate.
then i heard john come in, he has a key to my house.

he walked up the stairs and came in my room. he saw me on my bed with no clothes on mastrubating.
"hon, why didnt you wait for me?" he asked me with a smile.
"shut up and just come fuck me" i half screamed half moaned. and his face lit up. he took of his shirt as he walked towards me, and then took off his pants. his dick had created a huge tent in his boxers. he took those off and climed onto the bed with me. but before he could do anything i asked him to eat me out, so he kneeled between my legs and i put my legs on his shoulders as he bent down and He began to gently tease me with his tongue and fingers by tracing all over the inside of my thighs and near and around my pussy. Then he placed his mouth on my pussy lips and spread them with his tongue. placing his mouth over the opening to my cunt, he began to kiss my cunt and pussy. Then he pushed his tongue down into my, wet cunt. He continued to tongue fuck me until I bucked up towards him from pleasure. He pulled his tongue out and licked around. Then he rubbed his fingers around and began to rub the top of my clit. Then he slid his tongue over the top of my clit and all around until I was moaning. Then he moved his mouth over my clit and began to suck on it. I moaned while he finger fucked me. And then I cummed on him and he licked it up and swallowed it. then i decided to return the favor, he kneeled on the bed as i got on my hands and knees. Then i slowly massaged his balls with one hand and moved my hand up and down the 12inch long shaft while i slowly sucked the head of his penis ever so lightly and swirled my tongue around the tip. i sucked him a little bit harder and swirled my tongue faster. i sucked harder as his dick slid farther down my throat and sucked harder swirling my tongue around his dick. He gots harder and harder and his penis began to throb as he was ready to cum. I moaned and sucked harder and squeezed the base of his penis while i sucked. He then shoved his dick in further, and I began to gag, I was deepthroating, and unlike I had read it wasn’t horrible, it gave me more intense sensations and hornyness. He cummed and the cum went down my throat, i looked up at him and smiled as a swallow it all. then he lay me on my back, and began to kiss my 34d breasts, he bit at them adn then kissed adn licked down my stomach while using his fingers to rub my clit. then he slowly slid his dick inside my cunt and began to slowly and gently fuck me. it was torture, but the slower he went the more i began to need him. i felt my cunt contracting around his dick,
"faster" i begged in a scream, but he only went a little faster wanting me to beg and moan to him.

"ahhhhh, come on fuck me harder" i screamed and then let out a low moan as he did
"ohhh, ahhh, come on baby, uuhhhh, yeah, faster, harder, uhhh, ahhhh" i screamed out as he fucked me faster and harder. then the pleasure peaked adn i rocked my body with pleasure and i cummed all over his dick, but he continued to fuck me as my cunt throbbed and contracted around his dick, and then he cummed inside me, it was like an explosion, alot of cum. we continued this for three hours adn then fell asleep on my cum soaked bed.
incredibly this is a true story, and my boyfriend and i do this all the time now.

girls-if your boyfriend isnt avalible but you are really horny...
if you dont have a vibrator you can use an electric toothbrush it works just as well
and if you dont have either of those and you want an amazing adn easy (no work involved) orgasm go into your bathroom, and turn on the faucet in the tub, like you were going to take a bath not a shower, turn it on hot but not burning, then lay in the tub, put your feet on the sides of the faucet and your pussy and cunt under the water flow,spread your pussy lips, it is a more amazing way to get to an orgasm because there is no work involved and it feels better than a vibrator (if you dont believe me try it)
one time i was doing this and my boyfrined came over, he came in and just watched me, getting horny, and then he fucked me.
by hornygirl69sexbaby May 17, 2009
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