Intermittent rain that's so light it's not even a drizzle. Like Los Angeles rain.

Rain that's so light it doesn't remove the dirt from your car.

1. An extremely small amount.
2. An amount so small, it's unmeasurable.

No need for a jacket, it's just tracing out.

My car got traced. Now I need to wash it.
by diddlebugg April 8, 2009
Verb. The act of inhaling vapours or otherwise chasing the dragon on a piece of tin foil. Illicit narcotics, usually opiates are placed upon a piece of flat tin foil, and then heated on the underside of the foil. When smoke begins to appear, the foil is tilted, so the narcotic will slide. Not only does this produce a large amount of smoke, it will leave a black line on the foil, essentially "tracing" a path of waste.
Yo nate has been tracing all day, not cool, he does this every day.
by akajak September 30, 2009
Sometimes trace might be a try hard but it’s because he wants to impress you. He will always love you. He is super cute and sweet.If he seems nervous it’s because he likes you. You can stare at him and he can stare at you for forever.
by Not your Barbie girl June 9, 2019
A man with a very large penis and is very into girls
Hey is that trace
by TheRealKylieJenner October 29, 2018
One of the most caring people you will ever meet. He treats his girl like a queen, loves her and means it, and he's overall the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. Everything you dislike about yourself he seems to love to death. Please try to keep Trace for as long as you can.
"I'm so happy today!!"
"Trace just said the sweetest thing to me!!"
by Harrison Mars March 17, 2017
Amazingly sweet guy who is your friend until the end. He will start out as your friend and you will slowly fall in love with him. One minute he'll be your best friend and the next minute he'll be the best boyfriend ever. He's very intelligent, even though he won't believe it, and incredibly hot in a leather jacket. He is most likely a very attractive guy and he will be very adorable any chance he gets. Trace is a great boyfriend and best friend. You should be very lucky to even have one conversation with him
OMG, have you seen that guy in his leather jacket? He's such a Trace!
by KenleyBug2004 February 13, 2018
One of the sweetest and nicest people you can know. He cares about his body and is in great shape. He is selfless and works hard to make other peoples lives better....he is also the best friend or boyfriend anyone could ask for!!!
Trace talking to his friend while they are freaking out
Trace giving great "relationship" advice
Trace doing things for charities such as doing relay for life
by princessgaga July 11, 2010