making a layup on some one
playing basketball and you make a layupona trash talker you say ''lay me''
by sam_gup October 30, 2018
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Andy:”lay me?”
Mia:”Lay Me
by Miaaluceroo January 28, 2021
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a phrase said to a partner asking for head.
Guy: “lay me down.”
Girl: “bet.”
by Jung Teo August 20, 2021
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Like a piece of meat that rich niggas eat, you order Phil lay me-on and they think youre fancy
Rich nigga: Lemme get uh, Phil lay me-on
Waitress: ooh you fancy huh?
by SmoochieWallace November 22, 2016
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Confess your troubles to me. Let out whatever is bothering you.
Person 1: Dude I need to tell you something serious!
Person 2: It’s all good, lay it on me.
by Kalarus November 1, 2015
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a kool kid that’s a little addicted to doing the pole-thingy
by yay-lyn May 21, 2019
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Lay it out. Essentially, tell me what you're saying, be more clear, or tell me something.
Joe: Yeah, I guess I have some crazy stories
Jill: So lay it on me. Tell me one.
by ImmaYankeeK October 25, 2010
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