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A white, knock off version of "Gangsta" possibly having origins of a white, wanna be slut named Brittany. Also, refers to an object and not so much a person. No, not Spears.
That whip is so gangsturr yo!
by homie g October 4, 2004
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Origins of Jaa come from the German word Gundershind, meaning Yes.
John: Did you screw Shirley dude?
Bob: Jaa, and it was terrible.
by homie g October 4, 2004
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A trashy ass female or male that is more than glad to do everyone in da world including their own sex "doggy style"
An example of not a ho see Ana
by homie g April 14, 2004
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A highly destructive explosive that according to George Bush, was a common fixture in every Iraqi household. However, upon searching for sed weapons, they disappeared.
Dubya: The Iraqi's have WMD's!
The Rest Of The World: WMD otherwise known as Weapons of Mass Disappearance.
Dubya: Uhhhhh (pause for terrible effect) What?
by homie g October 4, 2004
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