25 definitions by holly the ginger kid.

amazing show on MTV that shows people getting hurt in horrible ways, usually skateboarding.
joe-did you see scarred last night? a guys balls got chopped off while he has skateboarding.
by holly the ginger kid. June 15, 2007
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The reg kids are the kids in regular classes. They are usually unfit for society. They can be found smearing feces on the walls of highschools and having sex without using any sort of protection. They usually drop out of school after getting pregnant or getting expelled for drug possesion.
John-Did you see that reg pissing in the soap dispenser.
Max-Yeah. I hate those filthy reg kids.
by holly the ginger kid. August 24, 2007
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This is an actual conversation I had with an actual rebuplican.

Seth-So are you Republican or Democrat?
Me-Democrat. Why?
Seth-I'm a republican. If Obama becomes president me and my friend are going to assasinate him.
Me-Why? Obama seems like a pretty good guy to me.
Seth-I think our president should be full American. Not African American.
Me-Thats really rascist and stupid. You're a jerk. Do you even know what republicans believe?
Seth-Well, I don't know what we believe, but I know the democrats are stupid.
Me-Are you pro life or pro choice?
Seth-What does that mean?
Me-Pro choice means you're for the choice of abortion. Pro life means you're against abortion.
Seth-Pro choice because republicans are for choices.

by holly the ginger kid. September 15, 2007
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Something people like to bash on urbandictionary because they don't have the willpower nor the mercy to become vegan/vegetarian.
Joe was fat and loved fried chicken. He didn't have the willpower to stop eatin fried chicken so to make himself feel better instead of joining PETA he wrote a mean definition about PETA on urbandictionary. Now he feels better about eating fried chicken and he will continue to eat it until he dies in a few days from heart disease.
by holly the ginger kid. August 05, 2007
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The best video game thingy ever. Plus, if it stopped working, all you had to do was blow on the game and it magically worked again.
Kid-Nintendo 64 is retarded. I have Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PS, PS2, et cetera.

Me-So why would you get all those game systems and spend tons of money on them when you could just play Nintendo 64 and have just as much, if not more, fun?

Kid-So I can brag to all my friends. All I want is to fit in. **cries**
by holly the ginger kid. June 03, 2007
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What that guy at the University of Florida said to the police when they tried to tase him.

Dont tase me bro!!!!!!!!!!
by holly the ginger kid. September 27, 2007
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