my other idol

an ok person ig /j ILY REG BESTIE BAE👴🏻🖕🏻
gerald: @reg is cool

pissella: no, mine

bonbon: NO. MINE.
by bonbon<3 July 05, 2021
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Any abbreviation pertaining to "regular." Originally related to weed quality.
Can you hook a bro up with some of the regs?
by Andy January 23, 2004
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REG is an acronym for Reactionary Exclusionist Gatekeeper. They believe in gatekeeping of the LGBT+ community.

REGs may be:

-aphobic, arguing that asexuals and aromantics are not inherently LGBT

-biphobic, arguing that bi people must experience same-gender attraction to be LGBT, or discounting bi experiences altogether

-transphobic, arguing that the T in "LGBT" be dropped or other such rhetoric

-transphobic, arguing that one must experience dysphoria to be trans

-transphobic, arguing against nonbinary existence/validity

-intersexist, arguing that intersex people do not have a place in the LGBT+ community

-and many more

See also Truscum, TERF, SWERF
I really wish these REGs would stop acting like dickwads and start respecting that other people have different experiences than them
by xla March 16, 2017
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shortened version of "regular"; can be used in conjuction with whatev
-Oh how's your sloppy joe?
-Eh, reg.

-Do you wanna go to this party?
-Whatev, it's totally reg.
by kacky January 30, 2005
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