A shit found in a concealed area that has dried with a powdered white texture.
Man, someone left a chalky in my store room.
by witsyc March 28, 2015
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To exhibit extreme excitement or over-enthusiasm.
He was so chalky about landing a date with his crush that he could have pissed rainbows.

"I'm chalky about the grilled cheese I have for lunch today. I freaking love grilled cheeses."
by Dat Good Good March 19, 2013
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A person who thinks they are black, but are actually white. I.e. White chalk on a black chalk board.
"He's a chalky", "Look at that chalky."
by Joe December 11, 2003
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Artists that draw on sidewalks or other surfaces with chalk; either by children or credible street artists. Chalk art by children are random drawings for fun, but Chalk art by actual artists can be extremely detailed and there are various styles, competitions and 'battles' with chalk sidewalk artists, making it a respected medium; prominently in Tacoma Washington where battles (also known as chalk-offs) have become a weekly event in Frost Park for the last few years.
" Jeez, these Chalkies are getting annoying. Damn kids better clean this up."

"Wow, Spim is an amazing Chalkie! He won the chalk-off again three weeks in a row. Look at the fucking detail in his work... amazing."
by PDXJohnny99 July 14, 2013
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A person who sucks in all aspects while you are around them (screeching sound while writing on the chalk board) and thereafter (white residue left on your hands).
by dynamal January 04, 2010
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