What a land based cephalopod calls a white person.
Granny Squid Billie: "Damn chalky lover!"
by alatari July 30, 2009
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a man in his early forties, runs a carpet store in newport shropshire.
CHALLLLKY!!!!!!!!!!!! Challlllky!!!!
by sloggi lover March 30, 2004
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An ethnic slur used to describe a person of Caucasian descent.

May be used jokingly or offensively, depending on the context.
Damn, nigga, these chalkies be trippin!
by Antipodean February 7, 2013
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To exhibit extreme excitement or over-enthusiasm.
He was so chalky about landing a date with his crush that he could have pissed rainbows.

"I'm chalky about the grilled cheese I have for lunch today. I freaking love grilled cheeses."
by Dat Good Good March 20, 2013
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A person who thinks they are black, but are actually white. I.e. White chalk on a black chalk board.
"He's a chalky", "Look at that chalky."
by Joe December 11, 2003
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