When you want someone to do something, like listen to your favorite song or follow you on tik tok, and joking u say that if he/ her did it she/ he will have clear skin.
ex: Listen to the new Ariana Grande’s song for clear skin

Follow me for clear skin
by November 27, 2020
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The ultimate goal of the teen suffering from acne.
However, this is virtually non-existent among the teenage community, as we all happen to get a pimple at the absolute worst time, like the day before school's picture day.
It took me 3 years to get clear skin, because acne treatment is complete crap.

My dermatologist knows nothing about clear skin.
by Petey Mik February 22, 2008
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Everyone whants clear skin soo if someone did stand ul for them self we stan them for clear skin
Madelief: yoo did you hear what bryce said
Anna: yeah yea stan for clear skin to bryce
Madelief: yeah we stan bryce for clear skin
by Madeliefv.n June 25, 2020
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