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Exactly the opposite of a soccer mom. Soccer dads will let their kids do anything the soccer mom forbids them, like Internet or TV or swearing. Soccer dads drive minivans/SUVs, much like the soccer mom.
Guy: Ahhh fucking shoe! For fuck's sake will Nike stop making such shitty uncomfortable shoes? (dont mean it actually)
Soccer Dad: Hey kids, look over to that guy swearing at his shoe. He is a cool guy and I want you to be like him.
by Jack The Black Cock September 08, 2015
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that one dad in the suburbs that is bald, white, and is obsessed with his “little angels”. he drives them to their sports everyday (like five different ones each week) and boasts about their intelligence (which is often minimal). he thinks his kids are g-d’s gift to this world, and he has a side job as a coach for one or more of his kids teams. his wife is the perfect trophy wife, and he invented participation awards when he realized his kids were shit at sports. they often have names like brad, tyler, john, or mike, and their wives are often named stacey, kaitlyn, hannah, leslie, or roberta.
Brad: my kids are fucking gods. johnny boy got a d+ on his science test and tyty got a participation medal for his lacrosse three months ago.

Leslie: my kids are so smart! they’re like the mozarts and einsteins of today! they’re gonna do such great things! brad, what would you like for dinner today? we have chicken, beef, and i know you love pork.

brad’s sister: omfg brad is such a soccer dad
by botched communist June 08, 2019
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a rare species of dad who usually tells their child to foul. Most of these dads drive pickup trucks or SUV’s.
Guy- “look at that soccer dad, he works so hard taking his kids to soccer
by Suckanimaginarycock June 30, 2018
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