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These girls are beautiful, sweet, caring, and are 2 thick. Like dayummmmm. Dat ass.

They have a beautiful smile that can brighten everyone's day.

Aracely's always have a positive mindset and always go above and beyond with everything they do.
1st guy: "Dude, she looks drop dead gorgeous."
2nd guy: "Must be an Aracely."
by Grahamcrackers November 06, 2013
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Aracely is a beautiful Mexican she is funny and she stands up for her friends she might make you mad sometimes an you might get in fights but once she is friends with someone your always friends! But you can’t find anyone else anywhere as beautiful and smart as her!
Aracely is so beautiful and smart and funny I’m so happy that I met her
by #SAVAGEBRO June 15, 2018
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The middle name of the most sexy, amazing, beautiful, badass, awesome, talented, lovable, cute, girl in the whole world. The future president of the world will have this middle name. Has the most magnificent voice and is a way talented dancer. If your an Aracely you probably have all the guys wanting you.
Guy1: "Dayyyuuummm, did you see that girl over there bro!?"
Guy2: "Oh yeah dude!!! I bet ya shes an Aracely with her amazing looks"
by ThatOne1Guy August 13, 2012
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An Aracely can derive from many different branches of girl types. Usually this girl will be high spirited and pretend everything is fine. She prefers to be indoors with books and movies. Also tends to be quite the fangirl.

She may look sweet and innocent but really she can kick your ass if she is pissed off enough.

She will also tend to want to spook you if she can.
by Shortstrawberrystack June 09, 2018
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Aracelies means the alter of the sky Aracelies is the highest in the sky anyone can be the name repercent’s beautiful,unique,every thing that is just amazing about a person
Hey man do I see Aracelies Yea I do she is so Unique
by PurpleWolfPearl January 25, 2019
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