Nickname or shortened version of the band name Led Zepplin.
I LOVE hearing Zep's "Stairway to Heaven" when I'm high.
by guy May 02, 2003
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Zep (or Zeppelin) = to crash and burn

Literally refers to the Hindenburg a German rigid airship made by The Zeppelin Company (and features on a Les Zeppelin album cover)which crashed and burned in 1937
Hey how did the exam go?
Not good man it was a monster Zep

Dude went out with that hot girl from Rez last night and totally Zepped it

Look at that guys hair
“What a Zep”

How was last night?
It was a total Zep

If you want to use one word to make fun of an incident, event, situation or person you use the long form Zeppelin but you say it like this:
by Fkn Jimmy March 22, 2021
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Something idiot teenagers call Led Zeppelin because they're either to lazy to say the whole thing or think they're being cool.
Adult - 'Hey kid, you like Led Zeppelin?
Idiot Teenager - Oh, The Zep? Staircase to Heaven is the shit.
by TrevorGodofAll January 02, 2011
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A ZEP (or Z.E.P.) is an abbreviation for a Zombie Escape Plan. A ZEP is made in the event of a zombie apocalypse, in order to prolong chances of survival, and are definitely crucial. If you haven't made a good ZEP yet, hurry up.
Survivor: "I'm so glad I thought to make a ZEP, if I hadn't I might've end up like Brad..."

by pedantic bakery August 17, 2010
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Zep is a short cool dude, although he doesn’t know where he is going in life he keeps walking without rest. Zep loves video games and learning new things. He falls in love easily and gets crushed every time. He doesn’t get embarrassed when he is around mates but when he is alone he is insecure and afraid. Zep is a great friend in times of need but is not great in relationships as he is bored quickly and will fall in love with another soon.
Girl 1-He just left me, that short guy left me
Girl 2-Must have been a Zep
by SenseiWill September 03, 2018
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A: "Where were you for the last 3 months? Thought you were death and rottin´"
B: "With my ax... workin´ on the Since I've Been Loving You solo."
A: "Boy, you are so zepped."
by rperazag July 23, 2010
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Women's breasts, usually of notable size or shape. From Zeppelin, those rather less fun bags.
"Penelope Keith had nice Zeps in 'The Good Life'."
by Leo1972 November 08, 2006
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