screen name used by a 1337 guy named von
hey von, wats ur screenname?

by kakapoopie February 12, 2005
The act of consecutively shitting twice. A little bilingual elf was hopping around in thailand. He was having cramps so he went up to a mexican drug dealer and said "I must kaka", then he went up to a British soldier and then "I must poopie."
I kakapoopied on your face. Oh dirty.
by The dirrtiest of dirty February 19, 2005
It means "PoopPoop". It was created by the master, Jeremias. The one who inherited this, is no other than the 1337 master Kakapoopie himself.
"Who'd you get owned by in Halo 2 yesterday?"

"Some 1337 master named Kakapoopie"
by Guy February 14, 2005