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Food. Munchies. Eats etc
I'm off to get some scran.
by Grimmy March 18, 2003
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This is when you are having sex and the woman that is so loud, she wakes up your roommates causing you to take the crusty old jerk-off-rag (SOCK) from under your bed and cram it in her mouth.
Kristen was yelling so loud at the apartment during sex that i had to give her the crusty muzzle so she didn't wake you up.
by grimmy December 22, 2005
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This is when you are doing a woman Doggy style. When you reach the point of climax you pull out and drop the puddle on the bed. Then you take the woman by the hair and rub her face in it saying bad dog, bad dog.
When she made me drop my load on the bed I gave her the bad dog
by Grimmy March 15, 2005
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fucking a girl either in the ass or pussy in doggy style and just before you you feel u are going to cum you pull out and spit on her back she thinks you finished then you shoot it in her face
you've just been camel spitted on girl
by grimmy April 29, 2004
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This is basically the same as a Wet Willy except you do it no handed with your cock while cuming in her ear.
After I crammed it in her cram hole, I pulled out and gave her such Creamy Willy she had to use a box of Q-tips to clean it out.
by Grimmy October 23, 2006
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Nipple Man is a when some one has 3 or more nipples, there for he is a Nipple Man. If it is the women with extra nipples I'd call Ripleys believe it or not or some freaky porn photo taker person.
"Look Bob has extra Nipples, there for he is a Nipple Man, get the Pitch Forks and torchs."
by Grimmy March 01, 2005
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A chuffer is a females vigana in slang form.You'd say chuffer to the female species if you would like them to show you there chuffer.
Oi you, get your chuffer out.
by Grimmy March 01, 2005
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