Referring to stealing. Like swiper from Dora, your basically taking something in a sneaky manner.
I'm about swipe a eyeliner from in there.

I just swiped that candy bar from in there.
by trillestxx January 23, 2014
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adj. a person who has a negative quality that would make you want to swipe left on their profile on a dating app
That guy is so swiped, he still lives with his parents.
Stop acting so swiped, I know you're not dumb
You legit look so swiped, put on some makeup or something.
by arielleora December 28, 2017
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Teejayx6: Bitch tf I look like?? I don’t fucken swipe
Us: *knowing damn well that nigga swipe*
by cropssmyninaj August 23, 2019
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A Pacific Hills term that referred it as a Penis but most of the time it meant large Penis.
" Hey don't blame me if you got no swipe"
by Darth Leah July 29, 2006
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the act of spending money on someone, mainly a female. Splurging, spending tons of cash without regret or care.
1.If you were smart, you would make that bitch swipe swipe for you on your date
2.Gina wants your dick, huh? Man, make her go to footlocker, swipe swipe, and leave her ass.
by flawless772 September 9, 2005
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