Referring to stealing. Like swiper from Dora, your basically taking something in a sneaky manner.
I'm about swipe a eyeliner from in there.

I just swiped that candy bar from in there.
by trillestxx January 23, 2014
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adj. a person who has a negative quality that would make you want to swipe left on their profile on a dating app
That guy is so swiped, he still lives with his parents.
Stop acting so swiped, I know you're not dumb
You legit look so swiped, put on some makeup or something.
by arielleora December 28, 2017
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Teejayx6: Bitch tf I look like?? I don’t fucken swipe
Us: *knowing damn well that nigga swipe*
by cropssmyninaj August 23, 2019
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A Pacific Hills term that referred it as a Penis but most of the time it meant large Penis.
" Hey don't blame me if you got no swipe"
by Darth Leah July 29, 2006
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A type of pick up move to determine if a woman will sleep with you or not.

The male must swipe his finger underneath the womans nose. Little does she know, his finger has just been in his butt.
Max: I think this girl wants to sleep with me

Neville: How do you know?

Max: I just did the swipe and she responded well!
by dorasenemy September 12, 2009
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