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procedure to verify that there are no passengers
remaining on a subway train at the terminal stop,
before the train turns around for another run, or
before the train goes to the yard (or gets laid up
on the middle track or on a siding)

phrase gets spoken through the crew intercom
or within earshot of stragglers over the train's
public-address loudspeakers

passengers who either did not hear/understand
the «This is the lasssst stop!» announcement on
the PA get barked at by Motorman/Conductor,
or are roused by the sound of heavy keys banged
on hard plastic or metal bars next to them

passengers who cannot be stirred by noise from
loud keys being smashed/rapped nearby are
extracted from the subway-train car by #TPO

entire sequence must begin and end quickly,
since the trains operate on a tight schedule
PA: «All right, we've got some still on board. Let's
#clean_it_out; CLEAN IT OUT
motorman: *walks to middle of train* «Last stop!»
conductor: *patrols rear half of train* «Last stop!»
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