22 definitions by gman

The finger/ Flipping off someone.

The reason for this term is becase Eminem uses it so easyly and most peps dont know what you talkign about.
Jim got mad at tom and gave him a Eminem salute.
by gman March 25, 2005
Beautiful smart hot blond. Extremely rare.
Wow, I would like to make that veester mine!!!
by gman March 13, 2005
A traditional Irish game played with a stick(hurley) and ball(sliotar).
Carey sent the sliotar right to the back of the net!
by gman May 4, 2003
1. A term used to describe a hand jobpreformed by a prostiute.
2. A term used to describe cumming on the face of a girl you have paid.
He only had 30 min for lunch so he went for a quick pay and spray.
by gman January 4, 2004
n. Another name for lint.
He hand to clean the fluff from his sweater after taking it out of the dryer.
by gman January 4, 2004
Someone who lives anywhere on Key Biscayne except the Grand Bay or the Ocean Club, attended KBCS, smokes the Chronic, is generally an undesirable character, likes budweiser, and has spent excessive time at the skihole.
by gman February 18, 2004
lit: To be a lowbrow knuckle head loser.
Complete retard. Lying sack of shit.
Murderous lying thief.
That guy is so george bushed man, it's sick.
by gman December 23, 2004