a book or set of books containing many articles arranged in alphabetical order which deal either with the whole of human knowledge or with a particular part of it

a reference work offering comprehensive information on all or specialized areas of knowledge
by amaraa February 22, 2007
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A heavy metal forum that has perhaps the largest collection of pricks and/or douchebags. Dominated by pseudo intellectuals and nerds that have nothing better to do but congregate with other morons about their favorite br00tal music. They give a very bad image to metalheads.
Everyone there seems to have the exact same ideology on numerous subjects, such as the existence of aliens "out there". Go try trolling them, you'll see how pathetic and stupid they really are.
Troll: Hey, your favorite bands blow.

Basement monkey (any admin on encyclopaedia metallum, really): rage rage rage rage rage

Troll: Ever stopped to think why your band is so "under ground"? Maybe it's because so few people like it since it's a shitty band?

Army of basement monkeys (all other forum members): rage rage rage
by Barathrum October 06, 2009
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An ingenious, satirical wiki that ridicules everything it has a page of and that is constantly criticized by whiny bitches who have nothing better to do than write entries in Urban Dictionary that attempt to talk shit about ED when in reality all they do is fail and makes the writers of those entries look like losers.
It's spelled EncycloPAEdia Dramatica, you fucking idiots, and it's NOT dead.
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That one photo album on your phone from that 'lads' holiday that you can't even look at anymore without having war flashbacks to sunburnt and vomit inducing sex with a girl who's name was so bad that you wished her parents had been a little bit more educated.
Hey can I look through your photos from that lads holiday you went on?

No way! Its a veritable Encyclopaedia BritMalia in there
by minniemoo July 09, 2015
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An internet database of all things metal that makes teenagers run to the urban dictionary and post their angst induced feelings about the Metal Archives because their favorite ha4dc0re!@! but non-metal band was rejected.

Side Note: By doing this I have fallen in to the bullshit "my opinion matters" trap too.
Conversation at The Metal-Archives (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

Brv0tal Kid: Why is lunkin park rejected from da acrhivez, they are fucken metal!!

MA Mod: Uh.. no they are not, sorry.

Brv0tal Kid: Fuck youa are just a bunch of elitist pricksz, they are hardcore and fukn awesome. It doesn't matter if they are metal or not.

MA Mod: If it doesn't matter if they are metal or not, then why do you care so much about them being rejected.

MA Mod: and when submitting a band to the Archives, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of the website if we accept any band. Otherwise we would call is the Music Archives and add any band to our database.
by AntiPoseur September 02, 2011
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