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when a girl mounts a guy on top and bobs or rides up and down.
I like riding my man's cock.
by GMan January 03, 2004

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A traditional Irish game played with a stick(hurley) and ball(sliotar).
Carey sent the sliotar right to the back of the net!
by Gman May 04, 2003

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A catastrophic type of stupid. A stupid so deep, that even stupid himself doesn't dare go near. Some say someone who is Trump Stupid has no hope of rehabilitation. The mere existence of millions of people that are Trump Stupid has led world scholars to question the credibility and strength of the United States' educational system. Europe's leading physicians are saying genetics might be to blame, and are branding those that exhibit features of Trump Stupid as a syndrome, leading to the popular diagnostic abbreviation, TSS.
Stupid: I didn't know a tomato is technically a fruit
Trump Stupid: What's a tomato?

Stupid: I need paper to add 2 + 2 together
Trump Stupid: What's 2 + 2 mean?

Stupid: I can't think of anything that rhymes with thunder
Trump Stupid: Thunder rhymes with thunder
by Gman February 01, 2016

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lit: To be a lowbrow knuckle head loser.
Complete retard. Lying sack of shit.
Murderous lying thief.
That guy is so george bushed man, it's sick.
by Gman December 23, 2004

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1.(North America) V. To get Pregnant
2.(Great Britain) V. To wake up
"Billy go and knock up your sleppy head brother."
by GMan January 03, 2004

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The finger/ Flipping off someone.

The reason for this term is becase Eminem uses it so easyly and most peps dont know what you talkign about.
Jim got mad at tom and gave him a Eminem salute.
by gman March 25, 2005

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Someone who lives anywhere on Key Biscayne except the Grand Bay or the Ocean Club, attended KBCS, smokes the Chronic, is generally an undesirable character, likes budweiser, and has spent excessive time at the skihole.
Key Rats run it.
by gman February 18, 2004

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